Newsgroups and Mailing Lists for Business Promotion (Part III)- Ready Reference on Newsgroup and Mailing List

In last two issues, we discussed basics of Newsgroups and Mailing Lists and how to use them for effective business promotion. This week, we look at various resources for locating right newsgroup/mailing list for your requirement.

For Newsgroups, the mother of all resource sites is the Google Groups at

It follows traditional hierarchical order of Newsgroups in following categories. You can browse or search the categories

alt. : (alternative) True anarchy where any conceivable topic may appear. You will be better off using the search function than browse. However, this category contains some of the best newsgroups in export import business like:* (9 groups)* (25 groups) alt.internet.commerce

biz. : (business) Business products, services, reviews...

comp. : (computers) : Hardware, software, consumer info...

humanities. : (humanities) Fine art, literature, philosophy...

misc. : (miscellaneous) Group addressing themes not easily classified into any of the other headings or which incorporate themes from multiple categories. Subjects include fitness, job-hunting, law, investments, employment, health etc.

news. : (news) Info about Usenet news...

rec. : (recreation) Groups oriented towards hobbies and recreational activities.

sci. : (science) Applied science, social science...

soc. : (society) Groups primarily addressing social issues and socializing. Included are discussions related to many different world cultures. A few newsgroups on India are:

soc.culture.indian.* (8 groups) soc.culture.pakistan.* (6 groups) soc.culture.usa soc.culture.china

talk. : (talk) Groups largely debate-oriented and tending to feature long discussions without resolution and without appreciable amounts of generally useful information.

Mailing Lists

Unlike Newsgroups, there is no single source for all mailing lists. Following are some of the well known sites that host comprehensive directories of mailing lists:

Hosts information about hundreds of Mailing Lists on various categories. Provides Browse and search functions. Provides information on : Description, Frequency, How to subscribe and URL of the site.

Topica is a well-known Free Mailing List service. The site contains directory of all mailing lists hosted by topica. Topica has very rich content, examples of a few mailing lists on India are:

focus northeast discussion: This is a mail list for the members of FOCUS(Forum for Construction, Understanding and Study) North east, a group involved in the northeastern part of India

Our India: To discuss the problems faced by Indians in India mainly in public services and suggest remedies.

India Finance :

Herbalife Mailing List: etc.

Yahoo eGroups:

Like Topica, eGroups offers free Mailing List services. Following its acquisition by Yahoo, eGroups has grown rapidly and contains hundreds of popular mailing lists on technology, entrepreneurship, society, culture etc.

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Source: FAIDA - Newsletter on Business Opportunties from India and Abroad Vol II, Issue 15; September 12' 2001

Author : Dr. Amit K. Chatterjee
(Amit worked in blue-chip Indian and MNCs for 15 years in various capacities like Research and Information Analysis, Market Development, MIS, R&D Information Systems etc. before starting his e-commerce venture in 1997. The views expressed in this columns are of his own. He may be reached at )

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