E-Commerce Fundamentals (V) - HTML Web Resourcs

Last week we discussed Hypertext Mark-Up Language or HTML, consiered foundation of any web-site. This week we follow that up with review of few selected web resources on HTML and related topics.

Beginner's Guide to HTML An excellent primer on HTML, with easy instructions and examples of how formatting will appear on on your Web page. Includes instruction on tables and graphics, plus links to other resources.

HTML Goodies - A step by step tutorial written in an extremely lucid and easy to understand colloquial style by Joe Burns. Contains tutorials, primer, images, software and a host of other resources on HTML, Java and Web site development.

The Barebones Guide to HTML A listing of every HTML tag currently in use, with examples. This site also has HTML information in several different languages.

HTML Colour Guide An easy to use chart of colours for use in backgrounds of fonts, showing the colour and the HTML code.

Matt's Script Archive Free scripts and forms that can be incorporated into a Web site, including counters, mail response forms and message forums.

META tags Tips on adding META tags to sites, including how to target audience and achieve higher rankings in search engines.

Miscellaneous Web tools HTML and Web design tools and resources.

Quick reference guide An excellent tutorial on Web site development, with general topics leading to more specific information, such as how to keep your graphics �down to size�, using accent graphics, and developing image maps.

Robin's Nest: Web site development A comprehensive selection of links to various tools and topics on Web site development, including clip art libraries and free software programs.

Table Maker Just type in your design requirements and this site will automatically generate the HTML code for your tables free. The site also includes links to a number of other useful tolls.

Web style guide A useful tutorial on designing Web sites with illustrated examples and sections on interface, page and site designs.

Willcam's comprehensive HTML cross reference A helpful listing of HTML tags and what they do.

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Source: FAIDA - Newsletter on Business Opportunties from India and Abroad Vol II, Issue 21' October 31' 2001

Author : Dr. Amit K. Chatterjee
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