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Retail sector is booming - creating huge opportunity for manufacturers and exporters.
Find out how your company stands to benefit from this emerging sector, specifically:

How to locate potential buyers from Directory of Overseas Retailers
How to find overseas retailers selling Indian products
Who are Indian representatives of overseas retail chains
How to be part of retail supply chain
How Retail Sector Helps My Business?
  • Organized retail is booming - creating huge opportunity for small and medium enterprises. Ever increasing number of hypermarkets, departmental stores and shopping malls need continuous supply of quality products from actual manufacturers and suppliers - cutting-off all middlemen.

  • To offer competitive price - organized retailers have to buy directly from manufacturers and actual suppliers. They can not afford to buy from middleman as that will surely lead to increase in price - and consequent loss of customer

  • This rising demand for quality products from actual suppliers open up a whole new market for SMEs - at home and abroad.

  • The challenge for SMEs is to locate suitable opportunity, understand specific needs of concerned retailer, set dedicated manufacturing/sourcing process for customized products (mostly branded) and maintain high quality standards.

  • has been serving SMEs with value added information service since 1997.Realizing the great opportunity in emerging retail market - we have introduced a new information service on opportunities in retail

  • You will find here information on all kinds of retailers - ranging from large retail chains, departmental stores, hypermarkets to small overseas retailers.

  • If you wish to supply to Indian retailers only - concentrate on Indian section.

  • If you wish to export - there is huge opportunity for supplying Indian products to thousands of retail stores in North America, Europe, Middle East, Asia, Oceania and Africa.

  • We have spent hundreds of man-hours in research - creating this database of thousands of retailers from all over the world. Fresh information on retailers, new opportunities, analysis, statistics, articles etc. are added regularly - making this portal extremely useful source of useful information.

  • We request you to visit this portal daily and make maximum use of all information resources.