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High Density Polyethylene, Expandable Polystyrene, E Glass Panel Roving and Roofing Mats
Posted On :

   Apr 12' 2011

City :      (Turkey )
Enquiry No. :    B-115996
Description :
We are going to buy High Density Polyethylene,
Expandable Polystyrene, E Glass Panel Roving and Roofing Mats
With following specifications:

High Density Polyethylene (Hdpe)
Grade: Blow molding and injection
Mass Density : 0.95-0.949 g/cm3
Purity : 0.95
Power Ash : % 0.01
Elongation At Break % 600

Expandable Polystrene(Eps)
EPS Fire resistant material
EPS high expansion
Purity : 99 %
Appearance : White

E Glass Panel Roving
Treated with silane
For continuous panel molding process
Tex Count (Tex) 2400
Moisture Content (%) 0.15
Loss on Ignitions (%) 0.37-0.57 , 0.35-0.65

Roofing Mat
Material : Steel
Dimensions : 2.5 C 6.0
High strength alloyed steel
With very good strength and rigidity
Excellent anti-bending property
Wall thickness : 2.5 C 6.0 mm
Wide : 120 C 330 mm
Length : 1m C 6m
With different hole size and spacing

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