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Automotive Components for Tractors, Cars and Motorcycles 

 Posted On :

   Apr 08' 2004

City :    Karachi
Enquiry No. :    45868
Description :
Steel items regularly required for manufacturing of
automotive components for tractors, cars and motorcycles.

Company Details: 

Manufacturers representatives, indenters of engineering 
goods, machine tools, quality control equipment, measuring 
instruments, cutting tools marble and granite cutting and 
polishing machines, quarry equipment, steel grit, steel saw 
blades and diamond circular blades for granite and marble. 

01. Case Hardening Steel (Alloy Steel): 
En 19cn5 Dia 50 Mm 
Qty: 20 M/Ton Or Full 20ft Container. 

02. Alloy Steel For Automotive Forged Parts: 
I. Round Steel Bar Scm 415 Dia 25 Mm 30 Tons. 
II. Round Steel Bar Scm 415 Dia 30 Mm 10 Tons. 
III. Round Steel Bar Scm 415 Dia 32 Mm 10 Tons. 
IV. Round Steel Bar Scm 415 Dia 46 Mm 20 Tons. 

03. Seamless Steel Pipes: 
Mat: Carbon Steel, Acc To Sae-1045 
Hot Rolled, Normalized 
Size: Pipe Dia 57 / 32mm 
(Length Of Pipe = 04 To 06 Meters) 
Size: Pipe Dia 53.5 / 31.5 Mm 
 (Length Of Pipe = 04 To 06 Meters) 

Note: Material Composition and delivery Conditions as per 
Specification Sheet No. H00 128 is attached. 

S.# Size Standard Specification 
I. 1.0 x 1219 x 2438 mm JIS G3 141 SPCC-SD 
II. 1.2 x 1251 x 2375 mm JIS G3 141 DC 06 A EN 10130/10131 
III. 1.4 x 1219 x 2438 mm JIS G3 141 SPCEN 
IV. 2.3 x 1219 x 2438 mm JIS G3 141 SPCC-SD / SPHC-P 
V. 2.5 x 1219 x 2438 mm JIS G3 141 SPCC / SP 
VI. Dia 17 mm shaft S 35 C 

Chemical Composition %. 

S. Designation C Si Mn P max S max Cr Mo V 
a. SAE 1045H 0.42 0.15 0.50 0.040 0.050 -- -- -- 

b. BS 970 080 A47 0.45 0.10 0.70 0.025 0.025 -- -- -- 
0.50 0.40 0.90 0.050 

2. Segregation 
Sub surface condition S-1 and S-2 are acceptable ? 
ASTM E 381/ ASTM E45 

3. Non-Metallic Inclusion Grading 
Please refer method A of ASTM designation E45-85 with the 
help of plate 
? 1 
Row 1 is acceptable. 

4. Harden ability. 
Harden ability Range 25 to 32 HRC at 9.5 mm. 

5. Inherent Austenitic Grain Size. 
I) The material of each heat / charge must be marked and 
marking label of every bundle must indicate charge number, 
purchase order number and quantity. 
ii) For dimension tolerances follow ASTM A5 19. 
iii) Micro structure must be equinoxes homogenous pearlite 
and ferrite. 
IV) Hardness: Normalised to HB 156-180. 

7. General Conditions. 
Material must be free from internal and external flaws such 
as laps, porosity seams, cracks, overheating / grain growth 
and scaling, likely to effect the quality of the finished 

8. Mill Test Certificate 
The supplier shall provide Mill test certificate to DIN 
50049 (ISO 404) in English language. 

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