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Lubricants - Grease, Oil
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  Posted On : Jul 06' 2009
  I am looking for a lubricant manufacturer for several types of lubricants to be manufactured in th ...
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Recycled Base Oil
  Posted On : Jul 05' 2009
  We are looking for regular supplier for base oil recycled from Middle East origin. Only serious ...
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Special Additive for Lubricants
  Posted On : Jun 25' 2009
  Dear Sir/Madam, We are looking for a special type of additive for lubricant. Atomic Revitalizant - ...
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Lubricating Oil
  Posted On : Jun 19' 2009
  Dear Sir/Madam, We are a Kuwaiti company need to deal with strong supplier of lubricating oil on ...
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Lubricants Manufacturing Factory in India
  Posted On : Jun 16' 2009
  Dear Sir/Madam, We are looking for factories to manufacture lubricants under our name in Pakista ...
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Lubricating Oils Stock
  Posted On : Jun 08' 2009
  Dear Sir/Madam, We need to buy the stock lots of expired or unexpired lubricants and greases (all ...
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  Posted On : Jun 08' 2009
  Dear Sir/Madam, We require lithium base grease # 3 packed in new steel drums of 180 kg, prices ar ...
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Diffusion Pump Oil
  Posted On : Jun 07' 2009
  Dear Sir/Madam, We have a small workshop in which plastic parts are made and are coated by metall ...
  Trade Lead Text  

White Oil
  Posted On : May 29' 2009
  Dear Sir/Madam, We are planning to import white oil packed in new drums. Port of Discharge is Ist ...
  Trade Lead Text  

Lubricant Oil, Engine Oil
  Posted On : May 27' 2009
  Dear Sir/Madam, We are looking for engine oil for all kinds of diesel and petrol engine. Please pr ...
  Trade Lead Text  

Bio-Diesel Feedstock, Jatropha, Yellow Grease and Tallow
  Posted On : May 26' 2009
  Dear Sir/Madam, We are in urgent need of bio-diesel feedstock for Eastern Canada plant, including ...
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Used Engine Oil/Black Oil
  Posted On : May 24' 2009
  Dear Sir/Madam, We need to purchase used engine oil or black oil. It must have good quality havin ...
  Trade Lead Text  

Lubricating Gel
  Posted On : May 22' 2009
  Dear Sir/Madam, We are looking to buy the lubricating gel with the following characteristics: Grea ...
  Trade Lead Text  

Synthetic Heat Transfer oil
  Posted On : May 20' 2009
  Dear Sir/Madam, We are very much interested to import Synthetic Heat transfer oil. C&F Chittagong ...
  Trade Lead Text  

Heat Transfer Oil
  Posted On : May 18' 2009
  Dear Sir/Madam, We are very much interested to import heat transfer oil. C&F Chittagong emergency ...
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White Oils (Gasoline and Gas Oil)
  Posted On : Apr 21' 2009
  Dear Sir/Madam, We are looking to buy Unleaded premium motor gasoline-20K mtr/tons Automotive Gaso ...
  Trade Lead Text  

  Posted On : Apr 18' 2009
  Dear Sir/Madam, We would like to have D2 (Automobile Running Fuel) soft offer from you. Please q ...
  Trade Lead Text  

Motor/Engine Oil
  Hong Kong
  Posted On : Apr 14' 2009
  Dear Sir/Madam, We are interested in motor/engine oil for automotive industry in consumer packing ...
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  Posted On : Apr 11' 2009
  Dear Sir/Madam, Kindly let us have your best ex-works quote for: 5 liters grease, in five liters ...
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Diesel Oil, Diesel Engine Oil, Gasoline Engine Oils, Brake Fluid and Lubricant
  Posted On : Apr 09' 2009
  Dear Sir/Madam, I am looking for the following items: 1. Marine engine diesel oil 2. 20w 40 di ...
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Motor-Oil, Gear and Hydraulic Oil
  Hong Kong
  Posted On : Apr 08' 2009
  Dear Sir/Madam, We want to buy motor oil, gear oil, hydraulic oil on regular bases packing 1,4,5 l ...
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Solid Lubricant Coating
  Posted On : Apr 07' 2009
  We are interested in importing Solid lubricant coating and also knitwear coating for our ferrous h ...
  Trade Lead Text  

Know How for Waste Oil Reclaim, Recycle
  Posted On : Apr 05' 2009
  I pump large volume of grease traps and industrial sumps. I would like to recycle this waste oil i ...
  Trade Lead Text  

Antirust Oil
  Posted On : Apr 03' 2009
  Dear Sir/Madam, We want to buy anti-rusting oil for steel plate, if you can offer, please contact ...
  Trade Lead Text  

SN 500, Used Engine Oil and LDO
  Posted On : Mar 27' 2009
  Dear Sir/Madam, My query is regarding Base oil Sn500 (virgin) but I need it in UAE. So if you hav ...
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