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Agro Chemicals - Pesticides, Herbicides etc
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Potassium Chloride (Min 60% K2O) Agriculture Grade
  Posted On : Oct 05' 2010
  Dear Suppliers, We need potassium chloride (Min 60% K2O) agriculture grade from Russia or Jordon ...
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Chemical Fertilizer
  Posted On : Oct 04' 2010
  Hi, We need to buy chemical fertilizer (Like granulated/crumbles) Please contact us by e-mail, I ...
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Magnesium Sulfate, Zinc Sulfate, Tea Seed Powder and Ferrous Sulfate (Agro Grade)
  Posted On : Oct 04' 2010
  Dear Suppliers, We need supplier of magnesium sulfate, zinc sulfate, tea seed powder, and ferrous ...
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  Posted On : Sep 25' 2010
  Dear Sir, We are looking for the below listed pesticides and their quantities. 1. Tebuconazole 2% ...
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Bulk Herbicides and Insecticides (Cypermethrin, Chlorpyrifos and Glyphosate)
  South Africa
  Posted On : Sep 22' 2010
  Dear Manufacturer, We are looking for a Asian manufacturer to supply us with a wide range of inse ...
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Chlorpyriphos 48%
  Posted On : Sep 13' 2010
  Dear Sir, We want to place an order of 10.000 liters of chlorpyriphos 48% EC packed in 1 liter ...
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  Posted On : Sep 07' 2010
  Hello, We are looking for propiconazole If you can offer us, Please send us your offers with full ...
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Pesticides and Hybrid Seeds
  Posted On : Sep 03' 2010
  Sir, We need to import pesticides and hybrid seeds (Pesticides which help to kill the insects whic ...
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Insecticides, Public Health, Herbicides and Fungicides
  Posted On : Sep 01' 2010
  Hi, Our company is established in 1998 that imports insecticides and public health, herbicides an ...
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Copper Oxy Chloride (Technical Grade)
  Posted On : Aug 31' 2010
  Hello, We need to buy copper oxy chloride (Technical grade) It must contain 57% copper due to FAO ...
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Xylene (Industrial Grade) for Agro Chemicals, Paints and Leather Industries
  Posted On : Aug 30' 2010
  Dear Sir, We need to buy xylene (Industrial grade) for agro chemicals, paints and leather indust ...
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Gibberellic Acid GA3 (Powder, Tablets and Paste)
  Posted On : Aug 28' 2010
  Dear Suppliers, We are looking for a supplier of following products: 1. Gibberellic acid GA3 bulk ...
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Empenthrin Insecticides (Tech Grade)
  Posted On : Aug 27' 2010
  Dear Suppliers, We are looking for a supplier of empenthrin insecticides (Tech grade) Interested s ...
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MAP (Monoammonium Phosphate) 12-61-0
  Posted On : Aug 27' 2010
  Dear Sir, We are looking for Map (Monoammonium phosphate) 12-61-0 Please let us know if you can su ...
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Vegetal Extracts and Natural Essential Oils for Crop Production and Plant Protection
  Posted On : Aug 26' 2010
  Sir, We are interested to buy and import to Spain any bio pesticide or natural eco friendly ferti ...
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Insecticide Concentrate
  Posted On : Aug 25' 2010
  Dear Sir, We need insecticide concentrate for use in pet shampoos Any one who can supply it don\' ...
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Organic Neem Oil
  Posted On : Aug 23' 2010
  Dear Suppliers, I am currently searching for a new supplier of organic neem oil to sell as a trad ...
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Neem Oil
  Posted On : Aug 23' 2010
  Sir, We are interested in importing one FCL of neem oil on monthly basis and this quantity would ...
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  Posted On : Aug 20' 2010
  Dear Sir We are looking for insecticides Please send us also the details of this product, price, ...
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Fertilizers (Organic, Inorganic, Compound, Urea, Phosphate, Potassium and Nitrogen), Agro Chemicals, Pesticide and Insecticide, Aerosol Air Freshener, Insecticide and Spring Water, Grains, Beans Nut a
  Posted On : Aug 13' 2010
  Dear Sir/Madam, Our company is interested in buying following products: Fertilizers (Organic, inor ...
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Agricultural Power Sprayers, Seeds, Agro Chemicals and Garden Tools
  Sri Lanka
  Posted On : Aug 12' 2010
  Sir, We want agricultural power sprayers, seeds, agro chemicals and garden tools Please send your ...
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Ammonium Nitrate
  Posted On : Jun 30' 2010
  Hello Sir, We need to import ammonium nitrate If you can supply, Please quote for ammonium nitrat ...
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Agro Commodities, Agrochemicals and Health Care Product
  Posted On : May 23' 2010
  Dear Manufacturers and Exporters, We are established over 60 years ago is a major importer and de ...
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Dinotefuran (Pesticide)
  Posted On : Apr 09' 2010
  Dear Sir I would like to buy dinotefuran, pesticide Please send me by e-mail info of your product ...
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Fertilizer (NPK 20:20:20) and Cheleated Zinc
  Posted On : Feb 18' 2010
  Dear Suppliers, We are looking for 40 tons of fertilizer (NPK 20:20:20) + trace elements Also look ...
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